A Compromised Party

In a secluded room, a group of people gathered around a large table full of food. They were all wearing formal clothes and the atmosphere was tense. The main course was a large roast beef and it looked delicious. But something about it was strange. The meat seemed to glow with an eerie light and the guests couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. As they began to eat, they discovered that the meat was not fully cooked. There were still sore spots in the middle and guests were getting sick trying to push them down. But they didn't want to ruin the party, so they continued eating, trying to ignore the taste of raw meat. As the night went on, the guests became more and more uncomfortable. They couldn't shake the feeling of being watched and judged. They tried to ignore it, but that only made things worse. Finally the main course was finished and the guests began to leave. As they exited the room, they noticed the door behind them was closed. They were trapped and couldn't escape. As they tried to find a way out, they realized they were not alone. There were other people in the room and everyone was wearing the same formal attire as the guests. But there was something different about them. They had bright eyes and seemed to be watching the guests with a predatory gaze. The guests were scared and didn't know what to do. They tried to escape, but the door was locked and they couldn't escape. They tried to fight, but the creatures with glowing eyes were too strong. They were defenseless and at the mercy of their captors. Over the course of the night, guests were subjected to unspeakable torture and abuse. They were beaten, raped and forced to do things they never thought they were capable of. They were degraded and humiliated and had nothing but self-hatred and regret. Ultimately, the guests were left alone in the room with nothing but their thoughts to keep them company. They realized it had been them

Duration: 10:34

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