Crazy Sex With A Plumber

Imagine a muscular, handsome plumber with a bushy beard and piercing blue eyes, wearing only his plaid overalls and a helmet. His hands are covered in dirt and grime after a long day of working on pipes and drains, but he has a serious look in his eyes as he approaches you. You're lying on your bathroom floor, the plumber standing over you, his hands on his hips. She has a mischievous smile on her face as she begins to undress, removing her tracksuit and revealing a pair of tight, ripped jeans. You can't help but stare at his bulging package as he takes off his shirt to reveal a snake tattoo on his chest. The plumber crawls towards you, his hands grabbing your ankles and pulling you towards him. You struggle to escape, but he's too strong and pulls you close, lowering his mouth to kiss you. His lips are rough and aggressive and you can feel the stubble on his jaw as he kisses you deeper. As the plumber continues to kiss you, his hands begin to wander, sliding up your legs and under your skirt. You feel his fingers touch your pussy and you know he's about to take you. He pulls your skirt up and down, exposing your bare legs and pussy, and begins licking and sucking you, his tongue licking your clit and his fingers exploring your pussy. You can't help but moan and groan as the plumber continues this. He licks and sucks you, his hands moving down to squeeze your tits and pinch your nipples. You feel so dirty and dirty but you can't help but enjoy every moment. Just when you think the plumber is about to force you to come, he stops, steps away from you and stands up. He reaches into his pocket, pulls out a tube of lube and sprays it on your pussy. He grabs your hips and starts fucking you, his big hard cock sliding in and out of you. You can feel his balls slapping against your clit as he fucks you harder and harder.

Duration: 19:42

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