Escape To An Ebony Hotel Room

Ebony is a beautiful, curvy woman who is always looking for fun. She stays in a luxurious hotel room and can't resist indulging in lewd acts. As she settles into her soft bed, she begins to undress, revealing her sexy black lingerie. She can hear the sound of the door opening and knows she needs to be quiet, but she can't resist the urge to touch herself. As she runs her fingers over her breasts and down to her pussy, she feels the heat building inside her. . She decides to take it to the next level and takes out a vibrator from her bag. She turns it on and begins to pleasure herself, moaning loudly as the vibrations reach her sweet spot. Just as she's about to orgasm, she hears the door open and turns to see a handsome man standing in the doorway. He wears a suit and tie and looks every bit the businessman. But there's something in his eyes that tells her he's not just here for business. Without hesitation, Ebony invites him into the room and they begin exploring each other's bodies. He takes her into his arms and begins to kiss her deeply, their tongues entwined as they explore every inch of each other. She feels his hard cock pressing against her and knows she's in for something special. They start fucking like animals, their bodies moving in perfect harmony. Nera feels the pleasure increasing inside her and knows that she will come hard. Just as she's about to orgasm, he pulls out and starts masturbating, spreading his load all over her. As they lie there covered in cum, Ebony can't help but smile. She's never had so much fun in a hotel room and she knows she'll be back for more. End.

Duration: 23:09

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